Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dog Party Rules.

This is almost always played at my theatre's cast parties.

Items needed: pair of dice and a bowl to throw them in (one with high sides might be useful)

Everyone brings an item (the teapot being a prime example, the tackier, more ridiculous or more unlovable the better) wrapped.

Everybody sit/sprawl in a circle (depending on how much you've had to drink, the shape can vary)

The game is played in 3 rounds:

Round 1 (the distribution round):
Choose someone to start (person with the longest hair, youngest, eenie meenie, however)

  1. That person rolls the die.
  2. 7, 11 or doubles pick any one gift. Do NOT open yet

    1. If doubles are rolled, roll again. repeat 1 above
    2. Anything else pass die to next person.

  3. Repeat til all the items have been chosen. Not everyone will necessarily have one. Some people may have more than one.

Round 2 (the presentation round):

Starting with the first person to have gotten a "present", they open ONE, show and describe to the rest of the group. This round can be really ridiculous depending on the inherent nature of the item or maybe wording on the packaging. Only one package is opened at a time until they've all been displayed. Obviously, if one person has been "lucky" enough to acquire a bunch will have to finish up on his or her own.

Round 3 (the speed round):
This is the cutthroat, how much do your friends like you round. In this round, alliances are formed and if you don't pass the die as soon as you've rolled them even before picking items, people will yell mean things at you...especially as time is running out.

The basic rules are pretty much the same as round 1. However, this round is timed.

  1. Multiply the number of people of people by 10 seconds. Thia is the time limit. Someone a non-player or player needs to track this.
  2. Same person rolls the die.
  3. 7, 11 or doubles pick any one gift from anybody else

    1. If doubles are rolled, roll again. repeat 2 above, EXCEPT!

      1. if you roll snake eyes, take any one item from someone and give it to someone else, then repeat 2 above

    2. Anything else pass die to next person.

  4. Repeat til time runs out. What you have at this point you're yours

Note: one person's dog party item is another person's treasure, so no fair hiding something during the speed round