Saturday, January 8, 2011

OH in 1960: The Circle of Love told in the 3rd person

As usual, except for an occasional minor non-invasive minor edit to preserve anonymity, the content, spelling and grammar are the writer's. All In know is that the parties are probably in their early to mid-20s:

The most recent mess is this (told in the first person for reasons of clarity)

Paul is in love with Judy
Judy is in love with Paul
John is in love with Judy
Judy is not in love with John but feels sorry for him & tries not to hurt him.
Paul likes John and is in love with his books (approximately 75% of which he has not read) & is slightly annoyed at John for involving Judy in the whole mess (even though it was not John's fault)
John likes Paul for the usual reasons that people like other people, likes him even more because Judy loves him & at the same time dislikes Paul because Paul & Judy are in love

Now that we have a lineup on the player the curtain will kindly rise on Act I of our little play. The play takes place over XXX 31st weekend when I came into the city to visit Judy (NOTE: we have dropped the third person because two's company, three's a crowd) When I came into the city over the weekend John let Judy & I use his apartment, because he wants to do all he can for her & knows how much she wants to be with me.

However while he is away from the apartment he starts thinking of what Judy & I were doing while he was gone. So when he get back he is disgusded at the world & mad at himself. This only get Judy upset & that get John madder at himself & he blows his top & goes around yelling & knocking things over until his internal pressure finally drops back to 1 atm & then things are quiet again (for awhile).

Like this is really going to be some summer.

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