Friday, December 6, 2013

The once and future I got no clue

Dear viewers that are or may be,

I am still trying to feel my way through this blog and decide what I want it to be. On the one (probably, main hand), I'd love it to be a flow of consciousness blog with opinions, information, personal stuff...a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

My problem is that I was raised kind of old school (you know, the days before computers..yes, gasp, I know). I am too aware that people I may choose to talk/rant about are likely to run across the page and I do not ever want to hurt people's feelings (okay, that's a lie...there are people that I wouldn't think twice about hurting...heck, I'd run over four or five times with a truck). But, in the general way of things people interact together differently at any given time in any given circumstances.

Nowadays, all you read is "It's not about you. If they choose to be affected by it or interpret it poorly, it's on them" My reaction to that is Bullshit. I think that is the height of ego and conceit and I don' WON'T roll that way. I could just be a "Hey, have you heard this or know this or isn't this cool" and that would be fine, but if I can't share some of me that would make it less than I need/want it to be. And, I'm trying to juggle the realities of my life/emotions with my conscience.

I suspect that, ultimately, it will come down to: Write what I want and if there are If moments deal with them then.


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