Friday, November 5, 2010

Griggs Timeline Aftermath

I guess there really hasn't been a major aftermath, thank goodness. But, I have been concerned if I caused anyone to doubt the crucial series of events which are the initial volley of exchanges between Monica Gaudio and the "editor" at Cooks Source Magazine regarding the magazine's copyright infringement of Ms Gaudio's work as depicted by Ms Gaudio here:

The indignation, scorn, factual correctness and much of the bitter sarcasm heaped on Judith Griggs on the Cooks Source Magazine Facebook page were, in my opinion, richly deserved.

My contention is that, not unexpectedly, after several hours (and much media attention) that sight was lost and the pranksters stepped in to muddy the waters by creating a variety of fake accounts.

First, the status message in question that (as far as I know) is still extant on the (real)CSM's FB page. I will completely join everyone in their opinion of the stupidity/ballsiness/ignorance of Ms Griggs' email to Ms Gaudio. However, I really do NOT believe that anyone who had been attacked and educated so viciously by the interwebs for several hours would have ever posted that status. And, seriously, how could you read that after reading the original and not believe that it was a parody....if nothing else, parody requires imagination which we are all pretty certain she lacks.

Now, faux-griggs. The first faux-griggs account was set up by Ted K (I do not know Ted. But, when the first fake account (and the only one active for much of the afternoon) showed up, Ted was "her" only friend and did not show up on the friends list of either of the real Judith Griggs FB profiles).

His first inflammatory posting came shortly after the status message in question. I had a brief wall exchange with him in which he smugly did not refute my congratulations (something I regret now) on his impersonation and his somehow managing to hack the page status. He kept this up all afternoon, long after the real-Griggs had folded up both her accounts and fled. He would occasionally break character but, all in all, he was both persistent and consistent.

People have asked if it was a hack, why has it never been changed? I don't know. My inclination is if the hacker/troll had kept changing it, it would have been even more obvious that it was not from her and it had accomplished his task.

Last evening, I finally had had enough of the situation. More faux-griggs accounts had been created and a faux-CSM page as well. It was no longer doing anything productive in support of Ms Gaudio and since Ms Griggs had left the building she was no longer reaping its "benefits". Its sole purpose seemed to have become a whole lot of smug self-satisfied "wits" showing off to each other and fanning the flames of the still well-meaning individuals who were finding their way there. I have not been there today and really have no intention of going back.

I hope that Ms Gaudio and the other people/organizations that Ms Griggs and her magazine took such incredible liberties with achieve legal and financial recourse.

If you are interested in the actual original case and other infringements perpetrated by Ms Griggs, Edward Champion researched and wrote (in an incredibly quick time) about this aspect and has examples and updates in his blog here:

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