Sunday, November 7, 2010

The longest day

So. This morning begins what I anticipate will be a LONG 24 hours.

Warning: implied semi-grossness follows.

Tomorrow, my darling husband has to undergo a certain routine medical procedure that probably most men in their mid-50s are familiar with. As a prelude, he has to be on a clear liquid diet and this evening will be adding certain over the counter medications into his diet to help move things along.

Shortly (or, to be more precise, eventually), my daughter will rise and the guilt/subterfuge will begin. Our plan is to (whichever works):
a) eat when he's on the computer downstairs
b) eat something that has no smell while cooking (pancakes, no bacon)
c) eat something we know he doesn't like and wouldn't be tempted by (artichokes)

He's been up for 2 hours and I've already heard him cheerfully (so far) remark to the cat that he has a rumbly in his tumbly. Entertainingly, he is convinced that Vodka counts as a clear liquid and that with the orange juice he's allowed will help the day go by.

...on no solid food. This could be interesting.

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