Saturday, November 13, 2010

Regrets...I have a few...

I wish just one time that my kids would believe that I have been their age and been where they are now and that I have made wrong choices.

Ultimately, for their sakes, my choices (up to a point) were the right ones..without which they wouldn't exist.

For my sake, though, other choices would have been better or have given me more options. But, at the time, who knew? OTOH, I tended to go with what was easier and less scary. I love my kids and hope beyond hope and beyond prayer that they will make the choices that are right for them.

My one is still in college, so he still has time to think about it...hopefully with just his own future in mind. My other one is so all about what will happen based solely on what has come before and what she perceives should come after. Not taking into account having fun and exploring while she is young and single and still has time to play and explore her options...with no repercussions except those she can slough off in favor of the next adventure.

Me? I don't want to live through them. I'm tired, though, of people thinking I'm going through some kind of depression when I say that my choices (married, kids, age 54) are limited to things I have (in reality) no control over. I just don't want frick and frack to miss exploring all the options and wonderful opportunities they could have if they don't pick the safe and reliable.

I did and regret it more than words can express.

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Virginia said...

Thanks for this. As a mom of little little ones (5 and 3), it's good to see what those of you who have mothered their children into adulthood (or near-adulthood) are thinking and going through.

Also, I love that you called them Frick and Frack.

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